What GHOST – feel it. is all about.

With our non–invasive smart glove and training–app solution we want to empower patients who lost the feeling in their hands, reducing phantom pain and follow up injuries as well as reducing the constant financial burden on the health insurances, relating to the nerve damage.


Possible causes of nerve damage are manifold.


                                                        Surgery complications (eg. carpal tunnel syndrome).


                                                      Complex fractures of the wrist. Traumas of the wrist through sever bruising or cut injuries.


                                                  Replantation of fingers/hand following accidental amputations.

But the resulting symptoms limit the same life domains of different patient groups.


Work: The inability to type with the affected hand while not concentrating on the mere movement impedes patients with office jobs or even leads to an incapacity to work in their field.


Daily life: Simple tasks as finding one's keys in a bag become time–consuming and inconvenient challenges.


Hobbies: Playing an instrument for example requires coordination and a great deal of sensitivity in one's fingertips.

The solution: A smart glove, to restore sensation in the affected limb.



A Smart Glove helps patients to feel again. 

app hand.png

A Trainings – App teaches Users to feel with their glove.